VAB Berlin

Central Control of Point Heaters

Modulares Systemkonzept in VABtrack
Visualisierung der verwalteten Anlagen und Status in einer Kartenansicht
Visualisierung der Zustandsdaten der Weichenheizungen
Tabellarische Statusübersicht
Kommunikationsmodul Typ VR14
Hanning & Kahl Control-Panel (HCP) im Einsatz bei Weichenheizungssteuerungen
Hanning & Kahl Control-Panel (HCP) im Einsatz bei Weichenheizungssteuerungen

Point heaters can be monitored and controlled by VABtrack modules developed by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH. The modules communicate with point heater controllers newly developed by HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG. At the heart of the system is HANNING & KAHL’s microprocessor-based Control Panel HCP. All point heater control processes can be effectively covered with this compact controller.

Point controllers, level-crossing safety installations, rail lubrication equipment and catenary disconnectors can also be easily integrated into the flexible and modular solution.

Main functions

  • Transmission of switching commands to different groups of installations which can be freely configured by the user, and monitoring of switch-on acknowledgement
  • Display of installation status in tabular or graphic overviews: for example green for “In operation“ or red for “Malfunction“
  •  Specification of switching times and thus automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Automatic forwarding of malfunction reports to competent staff per email, text message or similar
  • Logging of measured values, reports when malfunctions occur and when faults are cleared, reports when switching commands are transmitted, and acknowledgement
  • Processing of different malfunction reports and display in an overview

The graphic overview of the locations of the connected switch heaters in the line network or urban area helps operators to develop a quick and effective trouble-shooting strategy and to keep the number of journeys maintenance staff have to make to a minimum.

The system architecture includes operation of mobile clients via Internet, effectively supporting the company’s technical on-call service. The system can be accessed in the shortest possible time from almost anywhere. Malfunction reports quickly reach the right person.

Local installations are connected via communication module VR14.  A VPN, for example, is set up to ensure safe data communication. Multiple systems can also be networked so that only one SIM card is needed for online communication which reduces monthly communications costs.

When the technical components described are used, 250 point heater installations and more can be commissioned, centrally monitored and controlled.

Point heater controller HCP

The HCP point heater controller is a self-contained monitoring and control unit for 2 to 16 heating elements. It can be extended in line with requirements. Point heater groups can also be controlled and local networks formed. The HCP can be easily and reliably configured with menu-controlled user guidance. The temperature detection system has been completely redeveloped. Point heater switch-on can be fixed with precision – as early as necessary, as late as possible. This way, points cannot ice over, and you save energy!

Three-step control with the switching stages full-load, part-load and OFF, guarantee optimum energy consumption. Overshoots are reduced, the temperature on the rail is kept constant, thermic strain on the heating elements is reduced, and service life prolonged.

With the two adjustable switching stages P1 and P2, regulation can be set and optimised as required. Operating hours counters record switch-on times, facilitating precise calculation of energy consumption and costs. This information and more can be retrieved via an interface to the telecontrol technology.