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Technical Control Center Online Monitoring

System concept in VABtrack
System overview
Visualisation of all equipment and status in a map
Assessment of kpi - key performance indicators
Limiting values

Our software Online Monitoring offers the functions of a technical control room as well as conventional diagnostic functions. The equipment which is scattered all over the city will be integrated into one communication network and monitored and controlled online by central system technology. Using the public GSM means equipment can be connected without cost-intensive cable infrastructure. The status of all equipment can be continuously monitored and displayed, and malfunctions automatically reported. Malfunction reports can thus be processed faster and more purposefully.

Global Functions

  • Overview of the current status of all equipment on the map module. Status “normal”, “warning” and “malfunction” can be displayed.
  • Sending of automatic text messages SMS / email for selected malfunctions with the News Manager modul
  • Logging of data traffic. Logging of incoming process data as well as commands and acknowledgements.
  • View and assessment of incidents on the equipment for a configurable period with the Evaluation & Statistics module
  • Assessment of kpi - key performance indicators

Visualisation of incidents and malfunction reports

  • Individual image of incidents live in the track diagram via Operate & Observe. The scope of the status visualised depends on the conditions of the equipment. It generally includes end positions, control and locking of the point, occupation of the rail vehicle detection switches, entry of setting commands, vehicle transponder number.
  • Display of preceding incidents via daily log-files for display of equipment in chronological order of the incidents in the Eventviewer. Manual read-out of the event recorder for individual units is thus normally no longer necessary.
  • Display of errors when connecting to equipment, with explanations and notes in clear text