VAB Berlin

Malfunction Management of Point Controllers and Signalling Installations

Modulares Systemkonzept in VABtrack
Weichensteuerung mit Signalisierung
Visualisierung einer Einzelweiche incl. Statusanzeige
Visualisierung einer kompletten Anlage incl. Statusanzeige
Kommunikationsmodul Typ VR14
Weichensteuerung und Modem

The system developed by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH for monitoring point controllers and signalling installations is based on VABtrack modules and can be used by tram operators and secondary and industrial railways for efficient malfunction management.
The local data from the point controllers is merged on a server. The Incident Manager module manages all malfunction reports which are automatically generated or manually recorded, or forwarded by third-party systems. Malfunction reports are automatically forwarded to the right person staff per email, text message or similar. The status of the point controllers is continuously visualised on the monitors in the control centre – on a map or in detailed images of the individual installations. Malfunction reports are visually and acoustically displayed in the control centre.

Main functions

  • Management of malfunction reports which are automatically generated or manually recorded, or forwarded by third-party systems
  • Visual and acoustic visualisation of malfunction reports
  • Automatic forwarding of malfunction reports to competent staff per email, text message or similar
  • Storage of malfunction reports in a database
  • Display of malfunction reports incl. descriptions
  • Tracking of trouble-shooting and monitoring of fault clearance

The server can be on transport company premises or operated by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH.

Local installations are connected via communication module VR14. A VPN, for example, is set up to ensure safe data communication. Multiple systems can also be networked so that only one SIM card is needed for online communication, reducing monthly communications costs.


In the HN-P analysis, the stored process data can be retrieved and analysed per remote access. Functions include read-out of error memory and event recorders, display of error codes in clear text and output of instructions for fault clearance.

Any daily protocol or the event recorder can be read out retrospectively in the “EventViewer“ and then “replayed“ and graphically visualised at any time during the process. This way, malfunctions can be identified AND operational irregularities like the crossing of signals can be detected and documented in retrospect.