VAB Berlin

Company Philosophy

We are unable to do everything. But all what we can do, we will do very well. For that we have employees with an academic and engineer-technical education since our company foundation in 1990.

The mix is decisive for us. The know-how of our employees is the value of our company. We trust in a balanced relationship between long-term experienced practicians and excellent skilled young graduates.

A good feeling. Dialog and mutual understanding are important for us. This helps us at solving problems and advances the acceptance.

We show one's face. Of course we don't renounce the advantages of modern communication technologies. But our project managers, project engineers and support-employees show on-site what they are able to do.

After Sales. We don't leave you out in the rain with our products. Customer-friendly servicepolitics belong to a successful project business. For that we have our department SUPPORT.

A tidy house, a tidy mind. Basis of our work is an operational quality management system with defined business processes, binding agreements and conclusive responsibilities, of course in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.