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Another transportation company has commissioned the infrastructure-management-system VABtrack by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN

HTM in Den Haag has commissioned VABtrack by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN for an equipment management system and monitoring of 86 switch control systems in their urban network.

The installations are equipped with corresponding communication hardware by VAB. By using of these UMTS-routers data are transmitted to a server hosted by VAB. For the maintenance and service staff the access to all equipment data is possible from anywhere. In this way the conditions of installations are tracked at anytime. The competent and responsible service staff is informed automatically on malfunctions. Now the diagnosis will be fast and purposeful.

All relevant incidents are displayed and sorted in track diagrams in chronological order. This helps to found causes of malfunctions.

A special highlight is the evaluation of so-called key performance indicators (KPIs). In order that potential weaknesses are identified and trends are recognised more clearly. In the next configuration level in 2016 also depots will be integrated in the equipment and infrastructure management system.

VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN delivers management control for LRT-systems in Turkey

Izmir is one of the special tourist attractions on the Turkish Aegean. A modern city with about 3.5 million inhabitants and special historic and climatic flair.

The public transport in Izmir should be modernised in the next two years. Construction of the two tramways Karsiyaka-line and Konak-line is planned. General contractor is the Turkish Group Gülermak. Gülermak instructed the consortium of HANNING & KAHL GmbH Co KG (H & K) and Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH (VAB) for delivery of signalling components, automatic vehicle location and control system (AVLS), operation control center and on-board-units for vehicles.

The on-board-unit is a customer-specified system by the German manufacturer MEN Mikroelektronik GmbH in Nuremberg. In each driver’s cab is an on-board-unit which is connected with touch screen and control unit and also two further on-board-units.

The software for on-board-units by VAB is an innovative and new developed system for driver information and assistance systems. The system uses GPRS for data communication between vehicle and operation control center. These hardware and software concept offers new competences for VAB in on-board-unit market.

The 38 vehicles are developed by the Korean company Hyundai Rotem and are currently produced by a Turkish company.

All deliveries, commissioning and staff training will take place in 2016. The technical consultations to the requirements specification have already begun.

In this projekt it is an ongoing challenge to coordinate successfully seven supplieres in terms of time. A third tramway in Turkish area Kocaeli near Istanbul, also constructed by Gülermak, is expected to be commissioned in 2016. Here again, Gülermak, H & K and VAB want to comply the challenging requirements in trustful cooperation.

VABcon ABO-B has successfully been in the market for almost two years now in administration union transport association of Central Saxony (ZVMS)

Since the beginning of 2013 the system solution VABcon ABO-B by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN supports 20 employees of administration union transport association of Central Saxony (ZVMS).

ZVMS is responsible for managing of organisation of student transport in German area Erzgebirgskreis and in districts Mittelsachsen and Zwickau. About 40.000 applications for student transport are managed in each school year.

VABcon ABO-B was developed in close collaboration with the local staff. In this way a practical application with special and individual requirements was implemented. Step by step the employees learn to work quickly and now the new working tool is no longer far from their thoughts in the daily activities.

The processes are supported by a wide range of features: combination-applications (public transport, FSV and/or reimbursements) and cancellation, protesting and reminder. The accurate notifications to the applications are determined automatically corresponding particular criteria. They can print in single, block or collective printing. The electronic student’s file has an archive feature for all relevant documents which a student has received in his entire administration time.

A bidirectional interface to the accounting system HKR enables a control of payments and of the co-payments to be made by the students or their parents. Only after receipt of payment the official release for ordering of transport demand will accepted automatically and then transferred to the responsible transport company.

Several kind of reports, evaluations and statistics complete the package VABcon ABO-B. The system solution VABcon ABO-B is developed and adapted to the requirements of the customers continually.

Team-relay by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN was successfully in Berlin

Stephan Eisner, Steffen Andrack, Olaf Koppe, Stefan Grasse, Alexander Haucke (from left to right)

Athletic tradition: like every year a team-relay by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin participated in 5 x 5 km race in Berliner Tiergarten.

New record time: 1:56:58 (!)

Luxembourg‘s buses are now allocated with the depot management system VABdepot supplied by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH (VAB) was appointed by Trapeze Switzerland GmbH to supply, install and commission a depot management system (BMS) for Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg (AVL).

Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg (AVL) operates Hollerich bus depot in Rue de Bouillon. Around 150 buses are parked here on indoor and outdoor sidings and prepared for their next operational assignment.

The BMS implementation project was successfully concluded at AVL in October 2014 and accepted by our customer. The system has been supporting dispatchers in their daily work since then. Via an interface between the Trapeze ITCS and VAB’s depot management system based on VDV 461, key data is processed for the bus’s next run as soon the vehicle enters the depot. Data transfer provides depot arrival prognoses, actual entry times and malfunction reports to the BMS. The resulting final parking destinations (e.g. fuelling station, car wash, workshop or parking siding) are forwarded by BMS to the ITCS and indicated to the bus driver on the Trapeze on-board computer-operator terminal. This solution brings substantial savings, e.g. by needs-based fuel supply and virtually automated operations management.

» Joint Press Release by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin and Trapeze Group

Technical Operation Control Center - Monitoring of Route Infrastructure of BERNMOBIL

The equipment is controlled per remote monitoring and relevant data are collected in a central location by networking with efficient communication technology.

Main requirements in modern equipment management are: visualization of system conditions in realtime, different capabilities of alarm, data logs for simulation and error analysis and significant statistics of equipment parameters.

New integrated Depot Management System for Bus and Tram of DVB Dresden

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH, being the general contractor, was authorized to implement a depot management system in  Dresdner Verkehrsbetrieben AG.

Primarily in period 1 the bus-depots Gruna and Trachenberge are accomplished. Following in period 2 these software solution is implemented in the tram-depot management system. Result is a company-wide depot management system. for DVB.

The innovative traffic company DVB Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG has 12 tram lines and 28 bus lines, 6 ferries and 4 overhead railways. A tram-depot management system by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin is being used since 2004.

New diagnosis software for shunting installations

Dillinger Hüttenwerke have ordered from HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG (H & K) an EOW-equipment with 16 manually operated points, one railway gate and one railway crossing for the North quay of the port Saarhafen Saarlouis/Dillingen. For that purpose Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH (VAB) delivers the customer specified software. 

The visualization of the EOW-equipment is based on the standard product VABtrack by VAB. All processes in the shunting installations are monitored and their data are archived with the new diagnosis software. 

The shunting installations is displayed on a touch-screen user interface. Feature- and command buttons are shown in different windows. Project specific equipment- and user status are shown in a status window. Malfunctions are recorded in an alarm window.

The diagnosis tool visualized the daily recorded process data. In this way process sequences can assigned to malfunctions.

New ITCS for Niederrheinische Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH has got a new contract for delivery of an ITCS. Niederrheinische Verkehrsbetriebe AG (NIAG) in Moers is the contracting authority.

NIAG operates 97 bus lines in a line network of about 2.500 kilometres with about 22.4 million passengers and is the biggest provider of public transportation in Unterer Niederrhein. The bus fleet includes 174 vehicles in the cities Moers, Kleve, Wesel and Dinslaken.

In this project VAB is going to deliver an innovative and efficient operation control center based on their product VABnet. VAB is here cooperation partner of Zelisko which is the supplier of onboard-units. Zelisko is the general contractor. 

Voice- and data communication to about 400 vehicles over public GSM mobile phone network, real-time passenger information as well as interactive support of the dispatchers in the event of disturbances are the fundamental components of the commissioned solution.

Depot Management Systems by Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin - Balance 2012

ITCS by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN starts operating in Vejle / South-Denmark

Local community Vejle is responsible for planning, tendering and administration of public regional bus traffic in South-Denmark and commissioned Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin to implement an ITCS.

150 buses of traffic company Sydtrafik are equipped with smartphones. Communication between buses and operation control center in Vejle Trafikcenter takes place by public GSM mobile radio network. Positioning takes place by GPS. In operation control center deviations and arrival predictions are determined in comparison with the timetable continuously. These current data are transfered to about 30 dynamic passenger information systems at central busstation Vejle Trafikcenter and to Vejle city. At central busstation Vejle Trafikcenter a dynamic bus terminal assignment is done in according to the timetable and bus position. Positions of buses and their timetable situations are transfered to VAB-server for prioritisation of buses at traffic signals in city traffic .

The Connection guarantee between buses of public transport company Sydtrafik and the appropriation of reports are additional applications. The actual time of departure at start stations and the arrival- and departure times at stations are evaluated for measurement and improving the quality of traffic. The complete system is accepted successfully after extensive tests and is now administered by the community Vejle.

Opening new tram-depot Bolligenstraße BERNMOBIL in Switzerland

The new tram-depot of BERNMOBIL at Bolligenstraße was opened during the European exhibition SWISSTRAFFIC in Bern. HANNING & KAHL is supplier of depot controllers, VAB is responsible for the projects B & B (operate & observe) and BMS (depot management system).

The BMS for the tram-depot Bolligenstraße is an enlargement of the already existing depot management system in  the bus-depot and tram-depot Eigerplatz, which are in operation for one year. A high level of automation of depot processes is reached by this established management system.

VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN delivers depot management system for buses and trams of Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH, being the general contractor, was authorized to implement a depot management system in MVB Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG . Primarily the bus-depot Kroatenwuhne will be accomplished, following the tram-depot Südost will be implemented.

VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN delivers depot management system for buses in VAG Nürnberg

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH, being the general contractor, was authorized to implement a depot management system in VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg . Primarily the depot Schweinau will be accomplished inclusive the central omnibus workshop.

Spain State-of-the-art for Murcia

HANNING & KAHL. Christian Nagel. Despite being badly hit by the financial crisis, Spain is planning and building new tram projects. HANNING & KAHL recently supplied the latest technology to Murcia, the inland capital of the province of the same name on the banks of the Segura river not far from the Mediterranean Costa Calida. We supplied 5 signalling installations including a depot controller with Operate & Observe by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN
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Chemnitzer Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft CVAG - Reconstruction of Depot Krenkelstraße

Depot Management System BMS and
Operate & Observe B & B for CVAG


Depot Krenkelstraße in Chemnitz, Germany
Dispatcher workstation
Visualization of tracks and vehicles

Customerspecified enlargements
of basis system Operate & Observe

üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG has awarded a contract to VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN

üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG has awarded a contract to VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN for delivery, installation and commissioning of depot management system. This was the result of an Europe-wide tendering.

Depot Management System for Depot Eigerplatz in Bern - BERNMOBIL Switzerland

    We implemented an innovative radio location system as bus-positioning system based on the WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM by agilion GmbH Chemnitz. This is the first step for implementing of a corporate-wide depot management system for BERNMOBIL, for which Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin has obtained the supply contract.