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Quality is used for measuring and evaluation of the punctuality of planned routes.   

For that timetable data and station data are transfered over interfaces.

These data are only stored in  the central VABnet-server and not in the terminal equipments. Even so we are successful in exact counting of arrival- and departure times on all stations with special procedures for data communication and data evaluation. These times are compared with the timetable. At that point primary data are created for each station for a quality evaluation - if necessary for further measuring points. Optional the driver can requested for choosing of delay causes from a listbox if the driver have detected any deviations. These delay causes are added automatically to the data records, in order that a later investigation can escaped.

The quality data can displayed and exported in lists and reports.

The realization of direct interfaces to quality management systems of contracting entities is expedient and efficient, for instance QUMA from VRR or Q-DABA from RMV (in association with ETC Transport Consultants GmbH Berlin).


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