VAB Berlin

Control- and Information Systems

VABnet Satellite-Based Control and Information Systems

VABnet is a flexible and innovative system solution for satellite-based control- and information systems in public rail- and bus transportation.

It is well-known, that you can‘t only telephone with modern mobile phones. For many people the mobile phone is a necessary mobile digital assistant, that is connected constantly to the office and can used for schedule and e-mail.

VABnet features, that there is any more. Mobile phones can measure and control the punctuality of railway and buses. Mobile phones deliver a dynamic passenger information, help to secure connection guarantee and organize demand traffic.

Thereby mobile phones are only one of the options for registration and transmission of location- and event data. Just as well electronic ticket printers or fixed installed onboard-units can used. In order that VABnet adapts flexibly to customer requests or already existing system environments.

VABnet is structured modularly and increases by requirements. It can be installed as inhouse solution at the customer or can be hired as hosted customized solution.

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